In this action, strategy, and mystery packed multiplayer game you will be placed in a building with  2-7 other players and a suspicious amount of firearms.

One player is the murderer.  The murderer will find weapons along the way to help them with their mission of finding and destroying all the other players.

The rest of the players are victims.  Clues scattered around the map with help them piece together the murderer's identity.  After taking out who they suspect to be the murderer, they can either choose to accuse them, or take their loot and run.  Accuse rightly, and you have won, but if you accuse  wrongly,  you are out, so beware. 

Install instructions

Extract the file and run "Clueless Conflict.exe".

Extract the file and run "Clueless Conflict.x86_64". Make sure to give it permission to run as an executable.


Clueless Conflict Setup.exe 72 MB
Download 79 MB
Download 83 MB

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